Carol married Brad at the age of 19. It didn't take long until they got baby fever and in 2001, they had their first daughter, Hayley, during Carol's last semester of college.  In 2004, Mia was born.  They felt like their family was complete until they had a little surprise in spring of 2010 and found out they were expecting again.  Though it wasn't exactly in their plans, they quickly fell in love with the idea.  In early August, they learned it was a boy!  The Vantine name would carry on!  Just a few weeks later at a routine check up, their world was turned upside down when they were told that their son had no heartbeat. On August 29, 2010, Matthew Lee was born still. Just 359 days after the birth of Matthew, they had their fourth child, another boy, Zane, who had enough words and personality for he and his big brother combined.  

This blog tells the story of their journey through loss, grief, recovery, love, redemption, grace...through Matthew's Song.  

Thanks for sharing our journey.