I sit here alone so many days,

overflowing with thoughts,

needing to share, but I can't.  

Who would I tell? 

Everyone is so busy.  

Nobody wants to hear me complain.

Everyone else has their own problems.  

They don't need to worry about me.  

Mine aren't really problems.  

More like thoughts flying around

like gnats, multiplying by the minute.

I can't stop them,

I just need some help to get them under control.  

He's too stressed.  

She's too busy. 

Everyone's too overwhelmed.  

While they are busy

buzzing around their own lives, 

I find myself stuck.  

Stuck and sinking quickly

into an all encompassing quicksand.  

The more I fight, the faster I sink, 

until the thought of disappearing  

seems absolutely appealing, 

so I let go of my struggling

and give in to the sadness.  

Why did I fight it for so long? 

I always knew I'd end back down here.   

When I've given up all hope,

I feel a strong hand from above grab mine

and pull me gently back to life, 

yet with the strength of a thousand men.   

He holds me while I gasp for air,

crying, sobbing, panicking.  

He soothes me with whispers of love.  

He reminds me who I am.  

He reminds me who He is.  

I am His daughter, whom He dearly loves.  

He is my Father, my comforter, my redeemeer, my all in all.  

He is my rock, my fortress, my strength, my help in times of trouble.  

I'm never alone.  

I never have been.  

He will never leave me nor forsake me.  

When Matthew was buried, He stood beside me, and held me upright.  

When I needed a friend to walk along side me, He sent the right ones.  

When I carried Zane to term, He celebrated with me. 

When I have these days where I'm sinking and feel alone,  

He reminds me that I'm not, 

that I never have been, 

and I never will be.  


Lamentations 3:23- Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.

Psalms 30:5b - Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.