Matthew's Song

Matthew Lee Vantine was stillborn on August 29th, 2010.  Over the course of the following months, I found that women who lose babies don't feel like they have anyone to talk to.  

They don't want to bring it up to family and friends and be a downer.  They don't want to be told to suck it up or get over it.  They need to have permission to grieve. Permission to talk.  Permission to remember.  

I've decided to call this site Matthew's Song because it is my sincere hope that this site sings words of hope and understanding to people who are struggling with their own loss.  I pray that Matthew's story is not another sad footnote of my own life, but that he lives on.  He may not have been able to use his own voice, but he still sings in my heart.

This site is for those who need an outlet...who need understanding that the loss of a pregnancy stays with them forever.  May you find comfort in hearing about my journey and sharing your story.