Leave It!

Hazel, our Black Mouth Cur mix, loves to play fetch. She will play tirelessly. I don't think she would ever stop if we didn't. Yesterday as I was throwing the ball...AGAIN... God gave me a little glimpse into my own tendencies by watching my pup. She loves to play and begs you to throw it, but sometimes, in her frenzy to play, she won't let go of the ball. She drops it, sees it bounce, and picks it back up over and over again. She keeps trying to leave it but she picks it back up almost as fast as she drops it. I can't deliver on what she desires if she won't leave it with me and trust that I'll do my part. When she finally releases the tennis ball, it's then that her heart's desire is met.

I struggle with how to pray for someone or something while not carrying the stress and worry the prayer concern brings me. My passion for the healing or the answers I seek can consume me, but I'm like Hazel. I bring the prayer to Him, but I won't leave it. I pick it back up as soon as I get there. I try to leave it, but I get distracted by the situations and hold on to it or I worry that my prayers won't be answered like I want them to be, so I won't relinquish them completely to Him. How can He answer my prayers if I won't turn them over completely to Him? He wants to lift the burden off my shoulders. He's happy when I trust Him enough to carry my concerns to Him, but He wants more than that. He wants me to trust Him with them.

When I finally lay them at His feet, I am relieved of the heavy weight I realize I'm carrying. He wanted to take it from me all along but I forget in my frenzy to leave it. It's like I'm challenging Him to a game of Tug-Of-War. I MUST let go or I'm just worrying and not trusting Him with my treasures. I'm telling Him that I know what's best and I can do His job. I have to remember that He is the Savior, I am not. I can't rescue anyone. I can't heal anyone. All I can do is carry them to the one who can. Then I must leave them there with Him to do His job.

The men who carried their friend on the stretcher to Jesus, lowering Him through the roof didn't get him all the way there and then turn around and carry him back home. They didn't hold on to the stretcher, not willing to give their friend to Him. They didn't put him down and then pick him back up every time Jesus came to help them. They carried him to the one who could heal him and surrendered. They did all they could do, knowing their own limitations and let Jesus do His thing. If they'd turned around and taken him back after all that, the story would have had an entirely different ending. Because they had faith He could heal their friend, because they brought him to His feet, because they knew He was the only solution, Jesus granted their friend complete healing. Because of their faith, the paralyzed man stood up and went home glorifying God. (Luke 5:18-26)

Lord, remind me of this story. Remind me of my silly dog who won't let go of the ball. Remind me that YOU alone can heal and restore. You are faithful God.

Psalms 145: 13b The Lord will keep all his promises. He is faithful in all He does