Accidental Marathon

She was running, exhausted and alone

A marathon she didn't sign up for.

Now she’s all alone. 

Now she is hiding in the deepest, darkest corner

Of a basement that’s never seen the light.

Now she busies herself with straightening papers

In the middle of a tornado.

She was insistent on leading her family,

But she had no map.

She was blazing a trail, fast and furious

But to where?

She might be the first one there,

But once she arrived, she would find

She was alone. 

She was too busy forging ahead. 

She didn’t realize that she was alone. 

Those she loved most couldn’t…

Or wouldn’t keep up.

They stayed back or took a different path.

She alienated those that meant the most.

Those who would have given her the world

Didn’t get the chance. 

She had places to go. 

She assumed they were still there. 

She never slowed down to check. 

Now the race is over.

The race she never signed up for. 

The race she didn’t want to run,

But since she was there, she’d better be first. 

Even if it was the wrong way, the wrong race. 

Now she’s all alone. 

Now what?